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Terratech is a unique venture bringing 10 of the top Software and ITES together under a single company to work towards a single goal of Automating the Land Record Management system in Bangladesh.

In the light of the government's "Digital Bangladesh" vision the company was formed in 2009. The participating companies together have vast knowledge in automating land record management achieved through multiple smaller projects that the government took in the last 15 years.

Our new goal is to make one solution under the public private partnership scheme of the government under which the whole country's land record management system will be automated with zero investment from the government.

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our goal

Our goal is to provide hassle free service to the people of Bangladesh through utilization and adaptation of computerized Digital Land Survey, Digital Mouza Map & Revenue Management System.

Land remains the single most disputed area in Bangladesh with over 80% of the litigation in the legal systems of Bangladesh being land property related. Using digital technology and proper dynamic management we want to modernize the age old system and give the public professional and world class service.

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